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Repair and disassembly guides for Lexmark printers.

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Lid on scanner won't close completely.

One of the hinges on the scanner bed lid has sprung and won't allow a full closing which prevents the rest of the unit from working. Can I repair it?

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Im sure it can be fixed and I will be more than happy to release an official answer as soon as I have your model number. It is a Lexmark Printer but what version?


It is a Lexmark 7600 All In One


Sorry for the late reply. I will research this and give you an answer tonight! Thank you for being so patient.


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Thanks for being so patient! So this is going to be pretty simple for you! However it may or may not be a bit pricey. Allow me to explain.

Their contact details are below. Right now I can't call, but I believe you can call and have them do the work for you. However this may be a bit pricey as I do not know if they will make you purchase a warranty. If the printer is still pretty new, then you may still have a warranty. But then you are still going to deal with a labor charge and those can be expensive.

If you feel comfortable enough to do it on your own, then their website is geared towards finding your part based on part number and buying it. They will ship it and you can repair what you need to. But in the off chance you cannot find your part, or they need to special order it, you may be stuck calling them and paying to have them fix it.

As always the choice is yours, I just provide the info! Please do not hesitate to come back and ask anything you need to! Should you choose to fix it yourself and need assistance, please ask that too, and should you choose to let them repair it, leave a comment and let me / future users know how it went!

Contact Details - Lexmark

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See, the thing is, your answer is basically telling how to contact customer service and then send it in. It also tells how to get parts, but it doesn't say exactly what the problem is and how to fix it.


As in "tell them what the problem is" I mean ask questions about, get pictures from them, then tell them exactly what part is broken.

Then tell them how to fix it. Tell them to open it up, undo this, that, etc. And how to replace the part. You don't need a guide to fix everything. Look at @oldturkey03's profile. Almost every single answer of his is selected as the answer. His answers are very descriptive, and often ask for an image to show the exact problem. He also coordinates with others (in a way) to get the problem solved quickly, efficiently, and well.


@pccheese Are YOU becoming a critic now? This answer is fine. However, the use of @admin-0 as a handle is NOT FINE and is deceptive. It implies an authority he does not have. But I'm almost positive Gabriel will realize this this and quickly change it to something more suitable. I believe I have mentioned this him before but he just forgot to do it.


@mayer @pccheese @admin_0 everybody take a minute to sit back and relax. The answer is fine. I usually frown upon contacting any company for support but sometimes it is the only way to solve an issue. It should always be the exception and never the rule. "on a tech site and the word admin does NOT mean staff. " is correct with a big but. Users that come on here are not necessarily "techs" but everyday people that may mistake the "@admin_0" as a site administrator. It may lead to some confusion. I don't think that it is a big issues and I am sure it can be resolved. I'd suggest we all focus on what is important and that is "We're all in this thing together, and if we work together we can fix the planet. "


Well Gabriel, as I said I have no problem with your answer. But I have stated very clearly my feelings about your use of admin. I'm done. I made my request and you refused.


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