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Solid grey screen after replacing LCD

This is partially addressed in a different post. That post was under a different subject so I decided to start a new thread.

I have an iBook G4 which only shows a grey screen when turned on. It sounds like it's booting up and I can even put it to sleep with command-option-eject.

It was working fine until I replaced the LCD due to minor issues with the original LCD. I have replaced the original LCD-same problem.

I have reseated the display cable on the LCD and on the motherboard.

NOTE: I don't have a VGA adapter to test with an external monitor. I will be ordering one if necessary.

Any suggestions what the problem could be?

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You need to test the ibook with an external monitor to find out if the LVDS (video) cable or the logic board is the culprit. If you don't have the mini VGA to VGA adapter and you're located near an Apple store, bring the iBook in and ask a genius to connect it to a monitor. To check if the problem is software related just boot the ibook with an external source like the installation disk or a OSX firewire external drive or from another compatible Mac using the firewire target mode.

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I got ahold of a VGA adapter. The computer will boot and display an image on the external monitor.

Recall that I discovered the problem after replacing the LCD and it continued after putting back the original LCD. Does this imply only the cable is bad? What are the odds that logic board is good through the external but failed through the internal connection?

Thanks for the help!


Well, if you have an image on the external monitor then the graphic card (integrated to the logic board) is good but the LVDS socket on the logic board could be damaged and non functional but IMO the problem should be related to the LVDS cable or the LCD panel. Was the LVDS cable replaced yet ?


I ordered an LVDS cable last night. We'll see what happens. Thanks!


It's been a while since I posted on this. I'm hopeful there is still a solution.

I have purchased and installed an LVDS cable and still have same result. That is, the LCD lights up but only shows grey screen. No apple logo. No combination of keys held at startup will show anything.

Note: The computer DOES work on an external display.

Is there anything else I can try?


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I have the same problem on a g4 2004 model APPLE .I am going to reinstall the lcd and have already reinstalled the logic board.(which has tested fine .A new osx was installed and ibook is talking all the way thru set up.Is it the lvds cable or another problem with the lcd screen?

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Although this is a quiete old post, it seem sthat the problem remains challenging...

I have the same problem with my sisters's iBook G4 (14 inch, 2005 model). Grey screen after start, extrnal video works fine. I also changed the display, no effect.

Does anybody got a solution in the meantime?

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I still have the computer from the original post. Same problem still remains. The problem must be something in the logic board unless I have two bad LCDs or two bad cables.

Remember, the problem started after I replaced a working LCD with a poor image. The new LCD I installed only showed a grey screen. Putting the original back in also shows grey screen. My suspicion is that I must have caused some damage (static damage, maybe?) when installing the new LCD.

Sorry I don't have any new information.


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