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Released August 2012, it is identified by its model number M4700.

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Reset BIOS administrator password : M4700 Dell Precision

Please help me to reset the administrator password. The device is M4700 Dell Precision. System Number: B3PGRY1-6FF1.

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Not working on Dell latitude


SIR i am forgotten my dell secure manager password please solove and send it password latitude e4310


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@Jimfixer, @Cameron

Good morning and many thanks for your quick reply. I tried all the said methods and the method as pointed by Jimfixer.

The solution which worked for me is amazingly great. I used This worked for me beautifully. NO MONEY. IT IS FREE.

I am sure that the same solution will work for other Dell laptops as well.

Thanks again for your prompt help.

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I have a Dell Inspiron b120 and that website didn’t work, please help


Hallo, Ich war begeistert. Das "" hat bei mir auf meinem Dell Precision M6500 von 2011 das vergessene Passwort mit dem neu erzeugten Code/Passwort mein Setup geöffnet . Ich konnte ein neues Passwort vergeben, es funktionierte super. Danke an die IT Experten dahinter. bin vorher verzweifelt, da mir DELL selbst mit Ihrem generierten Passwort nicht helfen konnte, weil es nicht funktionierte. nun bin ich der glücklichste Mensch.

Danke nochmals. 09.04.2020


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To clear the bios admin password you need to remove the cmos battery for about a minute or two . this will set the bios back to default . This can be done by following these instructions

This is for a m6600 but the m4700 is the same .

Make sure your power is disconnected as well

Hope this helps

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I have a m6600, unplugged the power supply, took out the main battery, removed the bios battery for 20-30 minutes, it did reset everything to the defaults, but didn't remove the password, is there something I am missing?


Yorum Ekle That link should help!

I suggest you do number 3 as its easiest and you will definetly have it. Just one thing, when you do number 3 MAKE SURE THE COMPUTER IS UNPLUGGED! NOT OFF, UNPLUGGED!!! If its not, it wont work. Also leave it out for atleast 15 minutes, that will give it plenty of time to reset!

Hope this answers your question, if it did please hit the accept answer button!

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Cameron a good answer if its a desktop but this is actually a laptop I gave you a upvote for effort anyway


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