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The MacBook family was first introduced in May 2006 and replaced the iBook as Apple's consumer laptop.

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Symptoms of Battery Failure

When I try to turn on my macbook with battery in, it doesn't startup. When its plugged in to charger, it turns on, then shuts down after few minutes. Without the battery and just charger it starts fine and I continue using it. Do you think the problems with the battery or with circuit that charges battery?

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Before going to the trouble and cost of replacing parts:

1. Verify that you have all updates installed, particularly Battery Update 1.4 (KB# HT3421)

2. Reset the SMC (KB# HT3964)

3. Reset your PRAM (KB# HT1379)

SMC Reset in a Nutshell

1. Remove the battery and AC power

2. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds

3. Reinstall battery and power

Given this model's track record its probably the battery but SMU's do go on the fritz every now and again (plus resetting the SMU doesn't cost any green).

All MacBook batteries are the same so don't worry about getting your model number (ie. if you really wanted you could put a black battery in a white MacBook, dalmatian style).

Also Note

Selected battery issues are covered by a Repair Extension Program for which no model is eligible after 3 years from the date of purchase. Eligibility must be determined by an Apple Authorized Technician and repairs fulfilled at option by Apple.

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Model Number: A1881

MacBook 2,1

SMC Version (system): 1.13f3


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This all points to a bad battery- what is the model number of your Mac? If you give it to us I can then direct you to the proper part.

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