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Can anyone identify this component?

Hi guys,

Does anyone have a clue what this component is.

Block Image

Located near :

Block Image

It's on the board of Jabra Storm which no longer wants to charge (0.01amp when plugged in). It's receiving 5 volts (and 1.7) so the port itself is ok.

When I discovered this part (in the image) it has a big black bulge on it and when I touched it with the tweezers it turned to powder, so I think is the part that blew up. After removing it, the amp meter showed 0.00amps, so I'm really inclined to thinking that by replacing this part I could solve the problem).

However, I don't have a clue what this part could be ? A regulator, divider ?

I think it is a SOT883 transistor, but is there any way I can check this for sure ?

Thinking of getting this one :

Complete board :

Block Image

Does any of you have a hunch to what this could be ?

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Ordered a few of these transistors from Farnell and also some current sensing resistors to replace the 2r2 one above the transistor, since the existing one looks a bit burned. Will update when they are in.


Components are in and placed them. Although the red charging indicator led now lights up, the amperes value is still minimal : 0.01-0.02a. Something else is probably up, but without a schematic this is really hard to troubleshoot. Anyone got some insight here ?


Without the schematics/service manual, it is not possible to know the exact specification of the component. I would recommend posting on a forum specific to this product or manufacturer, maybe someone will have a service manual? Out of curiousity, I have seen this headset sell for about £25, is it not better to buy a replacement, due to the low cost of the device? Especially since there is no support in terms of schematics and parts?


@reece Yeah, you're probably right concerning buying the replacement, but I really wanted to help out the owner. And I've already posted the same question on gsmforum (the bt hardware subtopic), but no reply there as of yet. And a service manual is one thing, but a boardview/schematics sheet is a different puppy altogether. If this was an iPhone I would have replaced the U2 chip, but the only candidate I found on the Jabra's board (covered in epoxy) was an IC marked 437 T2. And you guessed it, googling that marking got me nowhere.

Too bad, thanks for your feedback though. Makes me feel a bit less alone in here ;)


Hi Dennis. I just purchased a used Jabra storm headset but is seems that the talk/end/pair/multi-use button doesn’t work. I can hear it depressing but it will not pair or anything. The seller has agreed to a refund but I’m wondering if you would have a quick and easy way to open it so I could look at the button. Maybe a connection has became broken?

Thank you.


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Took Reece's advice and decided to buy a new one. It's no longer cost-effective and without schematics/boardview it's %#*@ near impossible to fix this one.

@reece if you turn your comment into an answer, I'll set that as accepted answer, until then I'll use my own as accepted.

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lots of fakes about with battery life about 3 hours standy beware

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