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Repair guides and support for Gigabyte laptops produced since May 2003.

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crashedgigabyte notebook's imminent and necessary revival

my Gigabyte notebook just shutdown by itself a few months ago and am now planning to open it and take a look inside to see if maybe I can get it to start up again, so I needed some advise on how to go about the repairing procedure before I start.

Are there any vital aspects I should take in mind when conducting the repair, and if possible are there any tips to assist me with my problem?

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What is your laptop model? Also, tell all the details you can remember before it shut down.


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did you try to start it up again after giving it some time to cool down? guess is "the cpu cooling heat sink fins are blocked by a mix of hair\lint\dust" so you'll need to tear it down and clean it properly then reassemble it back again and attach it to the cpu using a fresh new thermal paste...don't put too much just use a thin lines shaped as X shape on top of your cpu.

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