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not charging /battery doesnt work

it says plugged in not charging when i plug the power adapter into the computer. ive tried changing the battery before when i had this problem and it works for a few months but then the same thing happens so i believe it an issue with the computer not battery or since my adapter is a different brand is it possible its draining the battery?

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How long does the battery last if you remove the charger?


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The problem may be your AC adapter, you mention that it is not the same brand as the laptop. The AC adapter may not be able to fully charge the batteries or the problem could be in the system board. The bottom cover may have information about the AC adapter, compare that with the power information on the AC adapter. If the power needed by the laptop is greater than the input then the AC adapter should be replaced.

If you can get into the diagnostics, you can see if the AC adapter and the battery work together. If not, let your battery power drain to about 10% and plug in the AC adapter and see how long it takes to charge to 90% and then how long it takes to get to 100%.

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I know this is silly but try licking the pins on the battery or use a tester. The battery may be not giving off a charge. Also check the soldering of the pins on the laptop they may be loose. Windows can shut down if the battery reaches a certain point and someone may have changed it.

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Not a good idea to lick the battery.


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