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Compaq Prortable won't turn on; no CRT; no floppy light.

The item I'm asking about is an original compaq portable; it turns with only fans, but no crt OR floppy drive response. I've seen others with this problem but no answers. I don't know anything about this unit's history, but may be able to find out. Any help would be much appreciated,


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Harper Chisari have you opened the unit up yet? Checked all the cable connections? First thing to check is the power supply and the power button. What have you checked?


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I had to replace some dead capacitors on the power supply board. It took a while to find which ones were bad. My compaq powers up now but nothing displays on the crt. Probably some more capacitors on the crt board.

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For the floppy drive, lubricate the rails and clean the heads. For the CRT, replace the motherboard. For more information, check this video here:

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