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iFixit Tri-Point Y000 driver bit for iPhone 7 / 7 Plus

I have ordered (and received) the Tri-Point Y000 bits for the iPhone 7/7 Plus and I have found that they are too big.

Has anyone had luck with these bits on the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus? Feeling like I wasted my money.

What is needed is a Y0000 bit. Any chance that iFixit has these available? I cannot locate them in their tool list.

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I have two of the bits, and neither of them have worked for me on the iPhone 7. (Will check the iPhone 7 Plus on my next repair.) But I have a Y0000 screwdriver that works fine for the iPhone 7.

Thanks for the reply.


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I've used the Y000 bit pretty extensively on the 7 Plus, and it's the same bit that we used for all our guides and teardowns for both phones. It also works for the Watch, which has much smaller screws. I'm afraid we don't make anything smaller!

I will say that the tri-point screws sometimes require more pressure than I'm accustomed to, in order for the driver to bite. I think it's because the heads are so shallow; the driver needs to be really snug and absolutely on-axis in order to get any traction on the screw head.

I'd suggest giving it another whirl! On the off-chance you got some kind of defective bit (it's very rare, but it happens), reach out to our customer service team for a replacement. Good luck!

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Yorum Ekle i just got mine from this site cuss its seemed like it was better quality. works fine. cuss the chinese one that i used before was junk.... it just stripped lol

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ifixit is superduper qua guides but they don’t manage the quality of the stuff they sell well it appears…

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