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Any advice before I install Linux on it?


Being my school tecch dubbed my IBM Thinkpad 390e "too slow",i have pulled my VAIO out of storage to run Linux(maybe she'll appreciate the fact i have 2 old laptops and keep them) and i think it has at least a GB of memory and a 120GB HDD

Also, it has a Intel Centrino Solo 1.6GHZ CPU

Do i need to upgrade it or is it gonna be a high performer for Ubuntu Linux?

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Requirements are >1 GHZ processor--512 GB memory and 5MB of drive space so that unit should function well. Run from the DVD first to make sure and complete the install when you like the results. I personally still recommend Mint Linux which is a form of Ubuntu. I have run both Ubuntu and Mint on my Thinkpad T-42 and both worked well. The Thinkpad has a 1.7 GHZ processor and 1 GB memory and a 30 MB hard drive. Good luck, Ralph

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It might have 2 but i nwill boot into windows to find out


My mistake,it has 2GB of memory


At this point I would say no upgrade is needed--just install whatever flavor of Linux you want.


It's finished and ready for school!


But i ran into a few complacations whic were a bd DVD drive(thanks for the option to make a thumb drive Ubuntu devolopers) and thats it besides bad installs


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