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After new battery/charge port, still unable to charge.

Hello I'm the lead device repair tech at my local batteries plus bulbs. In the past 3 weeks or so, we've had an unusual amount of iphone 6, 6s, 6+ and 6s+ come in to be repaired for batteries/charge ports. The majority of these phones were unable to be turned on to test the functionality of the device. Along with that, when plugging in the iphones to my volt/amp tester, most of the phones had 0 amperage or 0.01, 0.02, etc. After installing a new battery and new charge port many of these phones were still unable to charge. I would say around 80 percent of the iphones that read 0.00 amps were non-repairable. I asked each person what kind of issues they were having before this happened. Some said their battery was dying faster than normal, some said they hadn't noticed any issues at all. Some customers did mentioned they had recently updated their phone but a lot of the phones that were having this issues hadn't been fully updated anyway. All the phones non-repairable phones were able to turn on with my new battery but even with a new charge port, they still read 0.00 amps. Any ideas?

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The first questions to ask customers when they report Battery/Charging issues is:

  1. What kind of charger/cable are they using (are they using original/high quality or cheap dollar store knock-offs)?
  2. What has happened to the phone recently (drops, bends, water damage)?

Then the troubleshooting needs to be looked at from this perspective:

  1. Battery issue
  2. Dock issue
  3. Logic Board issue

Because you are asking about a wide variety of phones and models, it's difficult to give you an easy answer. The iPhone 6S has a well known battery issue and customers should be directed to this website to see if they are eligible for a free replacement.

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The Lightning port is soldered onto the logic board. Unfortunately, when the port goes bad, you would need to replace the entire phone. Getting a replacement logic board would cost more than the phone itself. Currently, there's no way to repair the Lightning Port short of replacing the entire device.

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I think you are confusing devices here. The Lightning port on an iPhone 6/6S is a standalone component, separate from the logic board.


Confusing iPhones with some iPads I guess..


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