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No sound from my iPod

My ipod sound is not working, I do not know if it is the headphone jack of something called a sound card. I can hear static in my headphones when I plug them in, and clicking when I try to turn up the volume, but no music. Also the screen has some very thin black lines going through it (about 4 lines) they look like lines in an "Etch A Sketch". I would love to be able to fix this ipod instead of buying a new one.

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See if this is familiar. I posted same answer there

Check the headphone jack, but having repaired a dozen or so of these iPods I know that it is almost impossible unless you have the right equipment. It would be nice if you could get someone to let you use a docking station etc. To see if you have audio out from the iPod. This particular model has a problem with an IC on the logic board. You can try and see if you get sounds by applying some pressure to the right lower side of the ipod, almost between the click wheel and the bottom corner. Here is a forum that explains that and check for a posting by IPOD_wrecker. If that is happening to you there are only a couple of options. New logic board fro about $40 on eBay, reflow your old logic board or you can try what warnergt did on it is kind of crude but it does seem to work. Good luck to you and your iPod.

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