Black screen, boot only in safe mode on external screen


I have a problem with my macbook pro retina 13" late 2013.

While an app was running (Molotov Tv - live tv app), the screen frizzed at one time.

Nothing was no more responding.

I closed the lid, and when I wanted to reopen it, I got a black screen with a light backlight.

I tried everything and the only way I can boot and see the screen is in safe mode on a external screen connected through HDMI.

Please note that the first time I saw my screen on external display in safe mode. I saw a message error with a rapport : Sleep Wake Failure

I tried the flashlight test but I can't see an image on my screen, it remains black

I noticed that :

- If i boot the macbook normally (without external display), it's black, when I close the lid, the apple light in the back remains "on".

- If i boot in safe mode (without external display), it's black, when I close the lid, the apple light in the back tuns "off".

I tried to login on black screen as some people are suggesting :

- in normal boot mode, it remains the same

- in safe mode, the screen is still black when I enter the password, but when I connect the external screen, I can see the session open.

- If I boot in normal mode, with the external display, the boot progress bar disappear very quickly.

I went to an apple store at the "genius" bar, they told me that the whole screen should be replaced.

What to you think about all this ?

The circumstance when the problem appeared, the Sleep Wake failure message (in safe mode on external display at the first safe mode boot), the apple logo that remains on when I close the lid after a normal boot ... all this seems very strange for me, and not only related to simply replace the retina screen.

Update (06/16/2017)

I started my macbook yesterday one more time in safe mode and I noticed that the macbook screen turned on ... WTF ?? I rebooted it in normal mode and the screen was OK.

So when I met the problem it was after a strange behavior (app frizzed).

I can fairly say that "genius" apple guys are really dumb, they were only able to issue to me a 500euros bill for screen replacement FOR A SCREEN THAT DOESN'T NEED IT.

THE PROOF, two weeks after the problem, it's working !

So it's purely a software problem, and they told me that they booted from external system and it was not ok.

Shame on them !

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You get a progress bar on the internal display?



no progress bar on the internal display. The macbook screeen only bright a little. It never show something.


Which OS do you have installed? Did you try to boot from external drive on another OS?


the os is macOS sierra.

The apple guys from genius bar tried to boot from external drive without success.


I would first try doing a PROM Reset and try resetting the SMC to see if it just had a glitch and needed to reset its self. The reason why I think this would have worked is because when the battery is drained and left drained this happens naturally allowing it to work two weeks later.


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