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The Samsung Brightside features a 3.1-inch touch screen and slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

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My phone won't call anyone or accept any calls

My phone won't call anyone or accept any calls texting as well

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Mostly restarting your phone solves the issue, temporarily. But repeated restarting is a semi solution... this happens to me semi regularly where I can't call out and have to restart... All I can think is: what if this was an emergency and I couldn't use my phone for 2-5min? $1300 phone should at least call out, always.

Maybe instead of asking for a solution I should ask what causes the issue?


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Chayala Berger first you want to make sure that you have service and a proper Sim card. Speak with your service provider. This does not sound like a hardware issue with your phone.

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I had, this issue ....found out, because , phone had not been used , in a while had , took number off .phoned up , network, and had it reset ....issue fixed .....just need to make sure I use phone more often ...

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