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Repair Guides for Sony Laptops

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What is the fastest Centrino I can get?


I was looking at the VAIO again and i am looking into a CPU upgrade

The box says it uses a Pentium M 740 processor

What would be the fastest one i can buy for it?

All i ask is that the price is reasonable but if the fastest one is too expensive, i will get the one that is the closest to the fastest i can get that is compaitable

I have a 1.73GHZ in it right now

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Actually, you're the expert on this machine. How about a really well researched answer? A teardown would also be nice and you can get all the help you need on putting it up. You're the kind of kid people want to help.


That's an outstanding guide for repair of the VAIO Richard. I've bookmarked it for reference. Thanks, Ralph


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Hello Nick--here is a link to a company that provides upgrade and replacement CPU's for your unit. Contact them and they should be able to answer your questions. Good luck. Ralph

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