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Won't run on battery alone

My macbook pro runs only when the AC adapter is plugged in. If you pull the plug it it dies and will not run off the battery. The battery is good, I have tested with a new one so it's not a bad battery. I have done SMC resets, I have not tried a fresh osx install. Short of replacing the logic board is there anything else I can do?

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Sounds like you may have a failing battery connector. Download and run Coconut battery to see what the status is and let us know and we can go from there.

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Coconut battery looks fine, it detects the battery, says it's charging. When I check the charge status in the taskbar it says 20:00 until full. This will stay there no matter how long I keep it plugged in.


Anything new on this post? I ran Coconut battery and it won't detect my battery. Any ideas?


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