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This guide will enable you to be able to repair any issue with your PowerBeats3 Wireless Earphones

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Best Manufactur Adhesive to use?

I'm about to work on my beats and I was wondering what adhesive I should use, that will be watertight and removable when I heat it.

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Any silicon based glue will be waterproof and they will not require heat to remove . Any[| rtv sealant similar] to these. You can also try Goop. Its a very durable sealant that's waterproof. Hope this helps

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Does it expand? Would you recommend it when working on this device?


the rtv will be water resistant and does not expand . it will pull apart with some help when you need to take it apart . The goop is a more permanent fix you may not be able to get it apart again . Both are waterproof . The rtv glue is cleanable by simply letting it dry and then peeling the excess off . The goop not so much . If your looking for a more permanent fix use JB weld its waterproof but it is not going to come apart ever again .


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