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Why won't my tv come on?

Sanyo 40" LCD-40XR10F Tv doesn't come on but have power. Got a blank screen.

Was working fine last night but not this morning

Any ideas would be great and if it's a quick fix can I do it myself?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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mitchell Apperley any sign of life on your TV? Have you unplugged it yet and let it sit for a few minutes, disconnect everything from the inputs and then plug it back in? How do you know it has power?


Just have no picture but once I found the right channel I still had sound but still no screen


Can it be a lamp bulb?


Robert Robbins no bulbs there. Just a bunch of LED's


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mitchell Apperley seems like nothing is ever really simple when it comes to repair. Anyhow, it could be an issue with the power board if none of the things I mentioned in my comment made a difference. You want to start with something like this

Block Image

which is the troubleshooting flowchart for your set. Let us know if you have a multimeter etc. to start tearing down your TV. Sanyo is a little stingy, so there are no board layouts with the schematics. For that, we will rely on you and need you to post some good images of your boards with your question. Use this guide for that.

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