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Cpu cooler fan blades do not rotate freely to touch

VAIO Model SVT13125CDS (aka. SVT131A11L) was subjected to a fall of sufficient force to separate one of the lid hinges from the lid. (Fortunately, the screen was not broken and the hinge has been repaired.)

The unit runs correctly, except that the fan does not appear to run and the shuts down due to apparent overheating.

The running fan cannot really be observed with the unit open due to the interlocks. I can only note that a tissue near the exhaust port of the assembled unit did not move, so I assume the fan was not running in the fully assembled unit.

Upon disassembling the unit, I checked that all fan and thermistor connections were solid.

I then removed the fan/heat-pipe assembly and noted that the thermal past on the cpu was dry and obviously not making complete/proper contact with the heat-pipe.

Upon removing the fan asembly from the heat-pipe, I noted that the fan did not appear to rotate as freely as one might expect. In a brushless motor, I would have expected it to be very easy to rotate by blowing on it.

This sounds like the heat pipe/fan assembly was damaged by the shock of the fall.

Before I go further and buy a new fan, I would like to ask a few simple questions.

'''1. Am I correct that the Cpu cooler fan blades should rotate freely when blown upon? (Note: With unit removed from computer)

2. What thermal paste is recommended to be used in re-installation of the heat-pipe assembly?'''

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Put your thumb on the center of the fan and press down with moderate pressure, sometimes they pop up when dropped.


If you replace the heat but not the thermal paste which helps transfer heat from the CPU and GPU to the heat sink for diapason, it will overheat. Here's what you need:

Arctic Silver Thermal Paste

Here's how to apply it:

How to Apply Thermal Paste

Arctic Silver Thermal Paste Görseli


Arctic Silver Thermal Paste


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Should they rotate freely afterwards? Hate to put it back together, if I can get an idea of whether it might be fixed beforehand.


Tried it. Didn't seem to free it up at all.


Then replace it.


Ok, Thanks. Have found the part. Just wasn't sure if it should rotate freely or be "stiff" when not powered.



Getting a new fan was heap and easy. Thanks for your advice.

Once the new fan is installed on the heat-pipe assembly, I need to re-attach the assembly over the CPU.

There are several heat-sink compounds available on, but the one used in the original installation looks like a grey paste. (When I removed the heat-pipe assembly it was rather waxy feeling and almost crumbly, which may have been some of the problem.) Not sure what it's "officially" called, or even an generic or popular brand-name. So I'm not sure what to look for.

What kind of heat-sink compound have you found works best?




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