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The keyboard for Microsoft’s 2-in-1 laptop released in October of 2015. 6th Generation Intel Core i5 or i7

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Spilled drink over keyboard and now the fan is always at full speed

2 days ago I spilled accidentally a drink over my Surface Book keyboard (i5 with performance base) covering almost the left half of it. I tried my best to suck as much drink as I could. Unfortunately the drink had some coke or Pepsi on it, so that probably didn't help.

Right after this happened, the backlight stopped working, the USB were trying to connect and disconnect to a non existing device and the keyboard stopped working for a few minutes, then worked again, and so on. I turned it off and then tried it again yesterday. These last 2 days, there are no longer any of the issues mentioned before and the keyboard seems to be working fine besides the fact that there are some sticky keys, although I can manage living with it all things considered.

However, since yesterday the keyboard fan kicks in as soon as I turn on the laptop. Even when I detach the screen from the keyboard, it is working until I turn the device off. I measured the temp of the GPU and it's never over 30 as I'm not using it (just some browsing), so I wonder what's making the fan be at full speed at all times.

I would have no problema on taking it to Microsoft for repair and pay whatever they charge, but I live in Argentina so it'll be a while until I go back to the US. So anyone know what might be going on and if there's a chance to repair it myself?

Fun (?) fact. I bought it 5 days ago. Kill me now.

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It’s worth mentioning that I tried a game to test the GPU (Tomb Rider 2013) and with a load of 99% the GPU temp never got over 58

With normal use the keyboard is really cool as expected and yet the fan keeps going


what to do when some keys stop working??


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I'd start by tearing the keyboard dock apart and cleaning everything really well with rubbing alcohol and some q-tips. That sticky goo can cause all sorts of problems if left unaccounted for on the internal components of the keyboard. Since you're having problems with the fan, look for junk especially in that area and do your best to clean it up.

Microsoft Surface Book Keyboard Fan Replacement

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I’ve just bought the required ifixit tools to do this. I have to wait for my sister to return from the US with them to try this next week. I’ll let you know how it went. Fingers crossed!

By the way, does it void the warranty opening the keyboard? I mean, if done carefully there’s no way for Microsoft to know, right?


I actually don't know if it voids the warranty. If you don't need to break any labels, then and work carefully, then the warranty will still be valid.


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Man, i just spilled some Fernet & coke too, playing tomb raider. Casualidades.

Left it in rice. hope it works well again.

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I’m so sorry man. I ended up taking the keys apart and drop them in a cup with isopropyl alcohol. The good part is that it worked and they behaved as new, no sticky parts. The bad part is that they are quite fragile and I ended up breaking 5 of them.

Thankfully when I went back to the US l, Microsoft replaced the unit so I got lucky I guess.


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