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iPod classic 120 GB malfunction

My ipod is the Ipod classic 120GB recently when connect to the computer, it appears on the computer screen as :

USB device not recognized.

One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Window does not recognized it.

And it appear in bold type in the diagram of USB Root Hub that the Ipod device was Unknown Device

How could I correct this problem or what could I do to make my ipod function normally ? Because without the recognition of my Ipod of my computer, I cannot do any new sync or change to the media already stored inside recently.

Beside, I don't remember if the Ipod classic 120 GB device had come with the CD program to install the device program with the computer or not ? If it wasn't necessary than what I need to do ?

Thanks in advance.

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Would you be more specific as to the EXACT message you are getting?


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you can try this if you are using Windows

in the device manager uninstall all listed usb

shut down

unplug all usb plugs

reboot twice

replug in plugs

You can also try the Microsoft answer listed here

Let us know is this worked. There are some other steps that can be taken but they are very lengthy as well as truly confusing so I do not want to discourage you by giving you large answers. It usually is a software issue, with a few exceptions. Let us know is this worked. Good Luck

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