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Camera screen is black & lens is stuck.

Please help.

Samsung DV150F

When I turn on my Samsung DV150F camera It only show a black screen with screen back light. And the lens of the camera is stuck. How do I fix this.

Thank You.

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@wickramasinghey try the tricks from here. they do work some of the time. Ultimately you may have to consider replacing the lens assembly since this is most likely also the reason for your black screen. this guide Lens Replacement should work for your camera as well

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Thanks for the help. But It isn't a solution. If gave small power to lens motor. It worked. Now I know the lens is working. There might be a error in system software


Possibly a firmware error but I doubt it. So would not get your lens motor to get stuck.


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I just brushed the lens using the keyboard brush and it suddenly works.

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