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Support and repair information for MacBook Air models with 13" displays

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Mac Won't Read SD Card

Hi all,

My Mac is not reading an SD card from a digital camera. The card appears on neither the desktop nor in finder. The card works fine in my camera. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

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Was the card reader working before or did you start having issues only recently?


In the past, it has worked fine. I'm fairly sure I was using the same SD card, too. This problem only came around recently.


Can you clarify what model you have so we can guide you to the needed part you'll need to fix this.

Plug your systems serial number here: EveryMac - Lookup then paste the systems URL so we can see what you have.


I'm having the same issue using my Finepix AX camera, trying to see pics from my Bushnell Trophy cam game camera. Mac Air C02HVR43DRV7


2 days ago I faced a similar іѕѕuе, my Macbook pro stopped reading my SD cards.

I tried I tried everything and nothing worked.

Finally I managed tо fix this problem after getting help from Apple Mac Support

Follow the steps here:

It should solve the issue



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I restarted the computer and the card is now read... guess I probably should have started with this :/

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Make sure the contacts on the SD card are clean, use a CLEAN pencil eraser and lightly rub the gold contacts. If that doesn't work you might need to open it up and clean the internal contacts.

Alternatively; try another SD card

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Already did so. No change.

Have pics on THAT SD card..


Have you restarted your computer?


try opening the SD card on another computer. Then copy ur pics, and paste them on another NEW SD.


Why did this work? I have no idea why just rubbing the goldie shiny bits of an SD card would make my Mac accept it. I mean... I'm not the only one, right? I didn't even use a pencil, i just casually rubbed it on my shirt and tried again. It worked though!!! I think there's something in the water, the communists are projecting vapor waves at the moon, my grandpa turned of the sports to watch anime, cats and dogs living together; mass hysteria!

Bottom Line: it worked, and I'm mad at myself about it.


@C Smith

did you try using a pencil? apparently it works.


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