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Refrigerators produced by Samsung.

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Samsung Rfg297acrs refrigerator no water

My Samsung refrigerator (Rfg297acrs) was leaking water from the water dispenser so I replaced the water assembly valve (DA97-07827B). Now no water - I can hear the water assembly valve turning on and off but no water. Any suggestions on a fix?

DA97-07827B - Samsung Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve Görseli


DA97-07827B - Samsung Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve


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may be the guru of refrigerators @ladytech can help us out on here


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Darren Barfuss- As long as you hear the valve energizing and the water is turned on to the refrigerator and has good water pressure then either air or ice is stopping the water flow. Sometimes the water tank inside the refrigerator will freeze up due to a bad inlet valve or lack of use. The water tank holds water so you will have cold water. It is located in the fresh food section behind the water filter. You will have to remove the shelves and crisper drawers. You'll see the plastic tank. It is hard to determine if the water is frozen. Shine a flash light through it. If you notice air bubbles then you just need to flush the air out of the water lines by running a gallon of water from the water supply at the refrigerator. Turn off the water to refrigerator and disconnect from refrigerator. Run about a gallon from the water supply then connect to refrigerator, turn on water. At water dispenser keep a glass there until it starts to flow. It could take 5 min or longer to get any water. If you've done that and still no water than try thawing the water tank with a blow dryer on low. IMPORTANT - a blow dryer on low will damage the liner, keep moving the dryer, don't keep it aimed at on spot. The plastic liner is very thin and melts quick. This takes time. Periodically check for air or water at the water dispenser with a cup held in place for a few min. Remember, anytime the water is disconnect to the refrigerator or the filter is changed, flushing the air out of the lines is very important. Be patient, holding the glass at the dispenser might take several min before water flows. I have also had clogged water filters and even new filters not allow water flow. Hope this helps.

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My 10 year old Samsung side by side had a water dispenser issue. Sometimes it worked and sometimes not. I discovered by using an infrared thermometer that the water reservoir behind the lower two drawers was around 31F. I cut out a 15 X 8 3/4 inch piece of thin flat insulation and attached it to the front of the water reservoir. The water wasn't working and now within an hour, it is working. Sometimes over the years, I always noticed that sometimes things in the lower two drawers froze even though the refrigerator temperature was set at 40F. Just too much cold in the lower part of the refrigerator was just barely freezing the water reservoir. I was getting ready to buy a new refrigerator for $1500. but was able to fix it for about $1 dollar worth of insulation.


TomRock - You ROCK! Great fix! Usually a damper door that allows cold air from freezer to fresh food isn’t closing properly or a crisper drawer setting isn’t set right. I’ve noticed it freeze when it isn’t used often also. The water line in the freezer door will also freeze up if not used often. Be sure to flush all the air from line after replacing filter by running dispenser for 5 min. Or long enough to get warm water.


TomRock - Don’t forget to clean the coils under the refrigerator at least once a year. I can’t stress this enough. Dirty coils will cause a lot of cooling problems, some can be very expensive.


You have to hold down the water button until all air comes out the water will come eventually so get a cup under it


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@bigdog99 start with checking the simple things first :

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