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Repair information and guides for the iPhone 6S Plus that was released on September 25, 2015. Model A1687, A1634

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Phone went through washing machine, dried, new battery, what's next?

My sleep deprived wife (we just had our third child) accidentally put her IPhone 6s Plus in the washing machine along with the kids laundry. It went though a complete cycle. It was in a dustproof Supcase (link: case that covered 99% of the phone although the charging port was left about 45 degrees open.

It was suprisingly dry when we removed it from the case. I made sure not to power on or charge it, and opened it up and gave it a thorough inspection. I found very little moisture inside and zero signs of oxidation. I took out the old battery and placed the opened phone in a sealed ziplock bag along with 2 Re-usable Silica Gel Dry packs and as much rice as I could find. We left it sealed in that bag, in a warm closet for 7 days.

Today I installed the new battery, replaced the waterproofing gasket and sealed everything back up. I plugged it in to charge and can feel the phone getting warm which seems to indicate the charging circuitry may be okay, but couldn't get it to power on. I did try rocking the mute switch to see if the haptic vibration might indicate it was on but the screen not functioning, but no - nothing.

So is there anything else I can try - or is this a hopeless cause. Everything looks very good inside, and I could find no signs of damage, but I have to imagine 30 minutes spinning around with my kids underwear and a hole bunch of cold water and detergent is not going to do a phone much good - case or not!

Many thanks for any help you can offer. My wife was devastated. It was the day before her birthday, and the day after her birthday she got Strep. It's been quite the week for her. Would really love to get it working again for her and really appreciate any help.

Kind Regards,


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@studio1059 congratulations to your new baby. Here is my standard answer when dealing wth any water exposed device. if you looked over the board you obviously

I suggest you treat this just like any other water damaged iPhone. The very first thing you want to do is to clean it. Disassemble your phone using these guides. You must remove all EMI shields. You got at least 60% of your boards components covered with those. You cannot do a proper "inspection" without removing those. If you do not remove those, you might as well not do anything. After you removed those, clean the whole board, connectors and all with +90% isopropyl alcohol. Just soaking it will not help. Follow this guide , and even so it was written for an Apple iPhone 3G all the points are still pertinent to your phone as well. While you clean your board, check for any obvious damage, like burned or missing components etc. When it is properly cleaned, replace the battery. All these steps are to avoid delayed failure caused by corrosion. Best thing to do would be to clean it with an ultrasonic cleaner, but if you do not have access to one, this will at least help. Once all this is done, reassemble your phone, replace your batteryand reevaluate. Until it is cleaned, everything will only be a guess. Even with all this, water damage has only a small chance to be fully repaired, but at least you can give it a try.

Here is another great answer from a colleague that has specialized in this type of repair

water damage iPhone 6s plus

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I would take the phone apart and again inspect everything on the board, then (sucks i know) but remove the shields and inspect the board. You can leave that board drying for days and days in a warm closet in a ziplock bag with rice and all i think of is Humidity in that bag. Remove the shields and then dip the board in 99% isopropyl alcohol and take a toothbrush to it(that is if you do not have a ultrasonic cleaner). Once you remove all the shields and have done that, let it sit and dry then reassemble. If you cannot take the shields off then just dump the board in the alcohol and shake a bit(its still something). Also for components (if you notice oxidation) dip the connector in alcohol and scrub with toothbrush..I dont know your experience level or what equipment you have so i tried to list both sides of the spectrum...try it and let me know how it goes.

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There all correct sealing it up in the bag just trapped more moisture in there then when the current is added the warm feeling is a short inside. It would need boardlevel repair to at least get the data back off of it.

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You are pretty lucky because in this exact website you can buy all the damaged parts to replace :) I forgot to say if you don't want to buy the parts try to open your iphone and submerge all the parts in alcohol.

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