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If I change the logic board would it take off the Apple ID that’s lock

I just bought an iPhone 6 Plus, and I drove two hours to get. The woman that I bought it from told us the password, but then locked the account and we can’t get back ahold of her. If I changed the logic board, would it take off the Apple ID that locked on there?

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If you purchase a clean, non Apple ID locked logic board then yes it would fix your problem. If you can get ahold of the woman who sold you the device, all she has to do is login to with her Apple ID and password, click on find my iPhone, find said device, and click remove from account. Once that is done the Apple ID should be lifted. Expect to pay almost as much as you paid for the phone for a new logic board.

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For the OP, don't forget that if you do buy a logic board, you need to get the Home Button that goes with it otherwise you will not have Touch ID.


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