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Which Upper Case do I have?

Does anyone know how to identify the Upper Case for a MacBook Pro Aluminum 17"? There are four slightly different ones, one for each MBP model, each with a different Apple 922-0000 part number (as noted on the parts pages on the iFixIt site). I have one here, but don't see a 922-0000 part number anywhere. Can anyone help me identify which model it is?


Andrew Main

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Please give the last three letters of your serial number and we can direct you to the correct part. Thanks


Thanks, but not sure what you mean. I have the Upper Case part, and want to find out which MacBook Pro model it comes from. There is a part number on it: 620-3778-A FAPW5009010 70105N19F122. Can you match that to one of the 922-XXXX part numbers of the Upper Case parts for the four MBP models? I know it's not the A1261, and probably not the A1229.


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Many thanks.


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