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Repair guides and support for the first generation Grand Cherokee ZJ, an upscale mid-size SUV built by Chrysler's Jeep division.

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Why I can not get rid of my spongy brake pedal

1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8

after Replacing my master cylinder and bleed the brakes according to RR the LR then RF and LF 3 times.

Brake pedal can almost goto floor. After pumping 3 to 4 times better.

Bleed master cylinder brake pipe joints and brass connection block for locking front or rear increase of leaks.

Could NOT crack brake line joints on the anti lock pump units TWO connection.

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Did you bench bleed the master cylinder? You must get the air out of there first.

You will then need to bleed the whole system. "Cracking" brake lines will not remove the air. You must force the air out thru bleed screws.

Check online for proper brake bleeding procedure for your vehicle.

A service manual would be a good investment, or download from the internet.


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There might just not be very much brake pad left, so the pedal almost goes to the floor.

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