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The Keurig K75 Platinum Brewing System is a premium single cup home coffee brewing system by Keurig.

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Using the black coal filter and plastic housing. ..


Is it necessary to use the coal filter and plastic housing it goes into to still use my Keurig K75 Platinum machine??

Someone gave me the machine because they got a new one. ..,but there was no manual with it. I have downloaded the manual but it doesn't say whether or not you absolutely have to use the filter. It says something about "If you are using the filter " So I am not sure.

I was washing the tank and didnt realize the filter was there and got a little bit of soapy water into it. I also have no idea how old the filter is....but I am betting it is due to be changed.

Thank You for your time. ..

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Here's the owners manual: Keurig K75 Platinum Brewing System


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The filter is activated charcoal to pull out organics (off odor & taste). Here's one source for the holder and filters: Keurig Water Filter Assembly and Two Charcoal Refills.

It's not required but I'm sure you'll enjoy a better cup of Joe ;-}

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