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2.5 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.1 GHz) with 3 MB shared L3 cache.

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Recovering files from formatted SSD rMBP Late 2012

Hi guys,

Is it possible to retrieve files from SSD on rMBP Late 2012? I have sold the computer itself but I have the SSD stick. SSD was formatted and OS installed so all my photos from travels around the world are gone.

I have tried using recovery software when I still had the computer but without any success.

Should I buy an enclosure/adapter for this drive and try again? Is there any other solution? I am willing to pay if I just could get my lost files back. Thank you.

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Get an OWC Envoy SATA to USB enclosure. Make sure it is for your model as there are three different ones for the different sticks.

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When I have my SSD into the enclosure does it need to be connected to macbook or could it also be a widows machine to scan it?


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There is a case to hold your SSD made by OWC so you can at least gain physical access to the blade drive.

Recovering files from SSD's is harder than HDD's so its possible the recovery tool you tried just wasn't up to the task. I would talk with the company you bought the app from to see if there is a newer version and if it offers SSD recovery. You may need to look at other apps. Sadly, the ones you pay for are more likely to have the ability than the free versions. I would recommend this one: Data Rescue 5 for Mac

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Thank you for the answers. When the SSD was still inside of the computer I used Data Rescue but it managed to find just the most recent files.

Does it make any difference if will buy an enclosure and scan it again using same recovery software? Will it return more results?

Any hardware solution to recover files that were there before formatting the SSD?


Well I'm happy you were able to recover something! Sadly, I don't think the case will help you at this point in recovering the rest of your files.

Give ProSoft a call to see what they say.


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