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How to maintain water proofing?

What adhesive parts are required in order to maintain water proofing on the S8 after a front/rear glass replacement? I notice that often when the rear glass is replaced, many people say that despite putting adhesive, it will no longer be waterproof.

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I believe that it is because it is not done in the same controlled environment as Samsung, and in most cases a far worse adhesive is used. The adhesive might be good enough to keep the back in place, but not tight enough the keep water out.

Even if you could get the same adhesive, you would need a completely dustfree environment, so there are not gaps in the adhesive, and put correct pressure and maybe even heat to stick it on correctly

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I would say get the rear adhesive for the phone put it on the glass, put the glass on the phone press down on all edges, then put heat on the glass and put pressure on it after you have put heat on the glass. It may then be waterproof again .

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