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Repair guides for a large selection of Panasonic digital cameras.

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How to repair flexible ribbon interconnects

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The camera I'm working on (Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ35 - not available from the list) has one of the usual flexible ribbon interconnects connecting the lens motors and sensors to the main logic board. I get no continuity between the zoom motor (beneath the ribbon) and the corresponding connector pads and I suspect the track is fractured at the fold (ringed) in one of the spurs.

Repair is going to be difficult. The only way I can think of is to remove the insulating film covering the copper either side of the fold and solder wires to it to bridge the fracture.

But what can I use to remove the insulating film without damaging the track underneath?

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that flex ribbon looks completely modular. you may want to look into the more simple answer of replacing the ribbon. since no large components seem to be mounted to it, you can likely get the part for between 2$-15$ from a source if you have access to suppliers for camera parts. you would likely be putting more value of labor into repairing it at that point.

i appologize, but i do not have a meathod to do this repair for you, but i hope you take my suggestion under consideration

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Thank you Scott - the zoom motor is soldered to the ribbon, which shouldn't be a problem, but off to the left of the picture is the focus motor - a very small stepper motor with 4 connections - which would be a little trickier though probably possible. There are also 2 surface mount interrupted beam position sensors associated with the zoom motor and another with the focus motor which would presumably come with a replacement ribbon. Only I don't have access to any camera spare parts suppliers. A little trip to Shenzeng might be needed for that!


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