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Repair and disassembly guides for Epson printer. The company was founded in 1942 as Daiwa Kogyo, Ltd., but merged with another company in 1959 to create Suwa Seikosha Co., Ltd.

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Epson WF-7620 prints blurry every 7 lines black ink only

Epson WF-7620 prints blurry every 7 lines only when using black ink.

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Hi @gkgulya

You can try exploring the printer options in the epson printer and perform a ink cleaning, try this and see if helps.

note that some ink head printing may consume some amount of ink.


I am experiencing this problem too. Have tried head cleaning, alignment horizontal and vertical, still blurring every eight lines. Looks very unprofessional


same issue, the only way to fix is to manually clean the printhead. Very difficult. For the money paid for my WF- 7620 I am very disappointed. My printer began having these issues right after the warranty ran out. Sad that epson does not have good customer service to help with this problem. I love the printer but I am looking into other options for a new one. I am tires of having to spend hours per week fixing the printer to get high quality documents printed for my clients. Shame on Epson for not addressing this issue.


Same problem. If I print a large table in Excel, just the printing in black is blurred. All other colors including the gray are perfectly sharp. If I print the table in portrait the horizontal gridlines sharp, and the vertical blurred. If I print the same table in landscape, the vertical gridlines are sharp, the horizontal are blurred. It seems a software issue. Epson does not offer any support on this issue.


There is not much you can do.

This printer is a total garbage product when it comes to the print head.

I went through 7 (!!!) warranty exchanges in 4 years! I'm surprised no one has sued Epson for this defective product.

Expect the print head to clog/fail irreparably after 4-6 months.

Epson goes even so far to accuse you for not using their authentic, relentlessly overpriced rip off Epson ink.

But this is untrue. I had the same happen with authentic Epson ink.

It is lousy engineering and/or manufacturing and Epson is liable for that.

By now I have told about 27 people never to buy and Epson printer.

If all do the same pretty soon they're not gonna sell printers anymore.

Stay away from Epson printers!


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I had to return under guarantee. The nozzles are blocked and has to be sent away for repair. Epson call Centre were brilliant I received a replacement and old one taken away. There is no solution to this problem.

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This is a very common problem in the printers. There are various reasons behind this problem.

If you are using the HP printer, solve your problem by clicking on the given link-

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I have an Epson WF-7620 I have cleaned the printer head and ink jets using the maintanance feature over and over. The colors prints as it should, but the black prints blurry or missing every 7 lines.


Ditto. Same problem here!


Same problem here, with WF-7620 and WF-3640


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I have the same problem. I appears to be a driver issue. If I print from the Epson i-print app from my phone, it prints fine. Printer worked well on Windows 7 computer. Upgrade to Windows 10 is the problem. Driver doesn’t seem compatible with Windows 10.

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If you are running any Epson driver software on your computer, you should be able to run a variety of tests, including ink cleaning, nozzle tests, and head realignment.

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I have tried all of these already no luck still blurry


I tried all of these, including a head cleaner by injection, and nothing fixed. Black ink still prints smeared!


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