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The Mac Pro First Generation is an Intel Xeon-based workstation computer manufactured by Apple Inc. The first generation model includes the machines from 2006 through 2008.

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Expand with more than 4 HD.

My Mac Pro model no: A1186 (EMC 2113)

I have a Mac Pro with 4 hard drives, and now I intend to continue adding one or two SSDs.

My question is whether one can take voltage (right volts) and current (inadequate supply) from the two 6 pin connectors - designed for SCE-e card, which sits on the motherboard in a Mac Pro (2006 - v 1.1)

Have tests linked two HD via an external power supply so I know it works.

I know the following:

SSD drives draw 150mW each, max load of jacks on the SCI on the Mac Pro's motherboard is 300W total (which should be the exclusive display cards - standard? - Or is it including?).

I DO NOT KNOW - the thrill is the same for the display card sockets on the motherboard (but believe it), as an HD (12V - I think it should be TLL an HD. On the PC one, it's the same power to the DVD and my ATI EAH- 4890 card that requires two separate voltage / current - feeds, so it should not be different)).

If you can hook up on set in the Mac Pro - where to find a "connection" that suits? (6-pin MAC connect to power off the motherboard connectors).

Have been looking around online, but no display card manufacturer stating that it is 6 or 12V voltage. Technical specification for the Mac Pro not mentioned was some tension on terminals.

I find, nor how much "total" effect of power supply in one Mac Pro can handle in total, but I know that some display card draws a lot more is a solid-state disk, so theoretically it should power supply be sufficient.

One can also imagine that y disconnect the other "power supplies" - assuming that the power limit is not exceeded. Idea anyone?

(Have two extra cards in sci-e, which a hardware raid (2ch) + one of two e-sata outputs)

To solve the technical to the support for disk 5 and 6 is not a problem, not the SATA signal. It's just effekten/Volt- o. / Current issue thread for.


Thank for your answer.

The reason i want to put the new SSD disk inside is that my Mac Pro already has following setup on the 4 HD.

HD1 1 TB - With 4 partitions (different system + 1 backup)

HD2 500 mb - Windows XP 100%

HD3+HD4 2x1Tb Raid 0

I also have 2 DVD inside.

E-sata = 2 stations aside - for backup purpose on 3 disk ( one station is a double HD e-sata station )

And i want to put one system + 1 program on the new SSD disk - for getting better speed on a "heavy" process - taking ours today. Thats why I think its better to put them "inside"...

About where to put them - its no problem, because I will build a holder with center between disk 2 and 3, just below them. That way the fan also will do some cooling. And it will be free space enough between them for the cooling air to reach the graphic card.

But first I must find information about the power supply - and that is where Apple not telling "anything".

The backup solution is to use an extra power supply, but that will keep new risk to the solution.

The reason to use motherboard buss - the with 6 pins for "heavy" graphic card ,is that apple say it can hold 300W totally. My raid card and E-satacard takes ca 30W totally. With one SSD - its still under the maximum power, and with 2 ssd it will override with 10% IF both disks are powered from same source. However, if some other busses are capable to deliver 150mW more, its better. The reason i want 2 ssd is to make them as raid 0, for the system.

So my question is - what power is a Mac Pro Capable to deliver, on the different busses. Any one sitting with the Knowles in the issue?

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I'm running this same machine in the 2.8 version with four hard drives and two optical drives and two added PCIe cards, about the same set up you have. My first concern is just where you would find the additional space in your machine to add more hard drives and why you would want to put such an additional load on the power supply and cooling system. You're just asking for a power supply failure. Consider a Mac Pro RAID Card and Xserve RAID Card to solve your problem. Here's some help on them:

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