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Repair guides and support for tablets made by Hipstreet. These tablets run on the Android OS.

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How do I fix my hipstreet pulse's screen?

my hipstreet pulse tablet screen is broke it has a cracked screen and won't charge or feel my touches

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can all the devices storage from the tablet be transferred to a different tablet? if so i will be very happy!


whatever is stored on your external storage can transferred. (SD Cards)

anything else, you will need access to the device's touch to back up.


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Here is the part:

This repair is not something i suggest end users attempt.

The device repair requires the tools given, as well as a heat gun.

You would need to remove the back cover, and remove the mother board.

then you would need to hit the Black part of the glass with air set to approximately 200-250.

remove the current glass from the screen.

apply your own 2sided adhesive (if not included with the part)

lay the screen down on the frame

apply clamps to pressure the screen onto the frame, in order to let adhesive set.

most professionals would do this repair for between 80-120 depending on part quality, and repair warranty.

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