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Turns on but screen is black?

Hi, last night I shut down the machine and the morning when I click power button all lights are on (battery, front opening light, and capslock) CD is spinning no startup sound and screen is black. No any liquid damage. This machine is almost new. Never used often. (200 times open and just for 1 or 2 hours usage) I don't know what happened suddenly. What do you suggest what can I try?

Note; Battery is working.

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If it’s almost new and you bought it recently (up to 30 days ago) you can return it for a free replacement or refund.

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My bad English. No its not new it is really old but I didn’t use it. I just charged sometimes for discharge.


Ah. I don’t quite understand what your saying, so you can tell me what’s going on in your native language and I’ll try to use google translate to understand.


This is an old computer that has never been used. Like a new. I was only charging occasionally so that the battery would not be completely discharge. When I click power button front light turns on and DVD spinning no caps lock light and off course no screen totally black. No problem on charge it's charging without any problem.


So when it’s on the charger it has no issue?


It is charging but no screen. Totaly black. This is the list of whats working or not;

Front opening indicator light turns on when press power button

Battery indicator lights turn on when connecting MagSafe

The battery charge properly.

The MagSafe power adapter LED working properly

When press power button DVD spinning and hearing HD sound


No Chime Sound

No Fans Sound

No keyboard backlight and No Caps Lock Light

Screen is totally black

I tried NVRAM/PRAM and SMC Reset it does not help.


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