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Announced in August 2017, the Galaxy Note8 is the successor to the recalled Galaxy Note7. The Note8 was made available to the public for purchase in September of 2017.

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My battery died to 0% and won't charge now, wired nor wireless.

I was using my phone like normal and the battery went to 0 and the phone shut down now it won't charge Wireless or wired. 2x note8's in the house with 4x wired chargers and 2x wireless and all confirmed working with other note8. Plugging them in and holding power + volumn ^ and √ and bixby and every combination doesn't work and no water damage but I did drop once from waist height (shame my butter fingers and it was only a week old) but that doesn't constitute this because a whole month gone by of use from it before this...

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I want to add that even after bringing it back to life and a new firmware update, One night connected at 17% life (because I just didn't ever let it go 0 again) I went to sleep and woke up to a completely dead phone again. After repeating the steps and bringing it back to life once more this time it actually gave me an error log saying the "phone is too cold to charge"! Like an overheating message but I didn't think it was possible! To cold?! Wow...hopefully the battery just had a defective integrated temp sensor...but that's just a guess and I recommend just sending it to Samsung and back up your data. I was going to get a new battery to test but my luck has been very bad this week with my bmw suspension support braking while on the freeway going 65mph and 4 1/2 rolls later my note 8 is somewhere on that freeway getting smashed to least I didn't die...but then the next night my truck got burglarized with my ifixit protech toolkit and iPhone parts yeah FML.


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So I actually fixed this myself. Out of desperation and exhausting every other option I finally just took the back glass off with the help of the teardown guide and "defibulated" the battery back to life.

So the process went like this; after actually getting to the battery, cut an old USB cord and splice it down to the red and black wires leaving a few millimeters exposed and get an old USB charger, I used an old Samsung I had, A NEWER CHARGER INCLUDING THE NOTE 8 CHARGER WILL NOT WORK ex." fast chargers, QC 2.0 and QC 3.0+" ect. The ribbon cord leading off the battery are labeled "1 2 and 7 8" on the other side says which pair are + & - and very carefully hold the red to + and black to - for about a minute. Reconnect battery and plug the actual Note 8 charger in and Viola! You should be charging!!!! My back glass was already broke and is only $12 to replace. But I feel like if it wasn't cracked I could have done without damage...other then the paint coming off the inside a little bit.

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I tried what you said and it worked perfectly. the first time i tried it i held it there for about a minuet and the phone came to life briefly, unfortunately not long enough to get a charge. Next i just held it there for about 2-3 min and then plugged it in, worked like a charm! thanks for the advice!


Worked like a charm.

I sanded the ribbon cable to strip the protective coating covering the copper a little because holding the charge wire to the tiny connector was near impossible.


If the Note 8 goes to 0% you need to connect the original charger and original cable. Any other cable won't work, it has to be the white one that came with your phone. However, a different charger sometimes works with the original white cable.


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It is a issue happend in some Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users, maybe you can try these ways:4 Ways to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8 battery drop to 0% not charge issue

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