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Whatsapp slow on iPhone 8 after update

After the 2.17.82 whatsapp update, I noticed some lags on my iPhone 8, anyone noticed the same?

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have you tried a full uninstall of whatsapp, and redownloading?


Yes, I have, do you have iPhone 8?


i do not have an iphone 8. though if a single app is lagging it is not the phone's doing. likely there is a compatability discrepincy in the new model of the app.

some people make the mistakeof calling certain failures like latency, or push failures as lagging. what is the exact symptom you have declared lagging. perhaps this can help with the diagnostic?


Animations are not fast as before the update


ive contacted Customer Support about the issue. if i get a response back, ill post it here.


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Apple recently release iOS 11.3.1.

Try upgrading to this, removing the WhatsApp currently installed.

Go to Settings --> General --> Reset --> Reset all Settings

Install WhatsApp again.

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Why reseting all phone settings will make whatsapp faster? Telegram is way faster than WhatsApp. I think it's too many features and poor app architecture design. The bad news is, there is nothing that we can do abaout it.


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