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lip sink issue with DVD's

When watching a DVD lips move before sound comes out.

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Page 13 of your manual says " Vocal – Select [On] to mix karaoke channels into normal stereo. This function

is effective for multi-channel karaoke DVDs only.

HD AV Sync - Sometimes Digital TV encounters a delay between picture and sound. If this happens you can compensate by setting a delay on the sound so that it effectively ‘waits’ for the picture to arrive: this is called HD AV Sync. Use vV to scroll up and down through the delay amount, which you can set at anything between 0 and 300m sec.

The delay will vary depending on which digital TV channel you are on. If you change channel you may need to readjust the HD AV Sync." The manual is available at the LG website

Hope this helps and good luck

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+ I'm impressed


I personally liked the get another DVD that you do not know the lyrics to, better :)that was funny.


I deleted it because I thought no one caught it


I caught it alright it was one of those things that had come to my mind as well and sometimes I would just like to write it, but do not like to be perceived as rude :-)


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