My phone won't react to touch

I woke up one day to find that my speakers aren't working properly so i wanted to fix that. I took alcohol (ethyl 70%) and sprayed it near bottom speaker thinking that it would fix it. Of course, not only it didn't fixed it but thing got worse. At first, moisture was appearing on display and it got bigger and bigger towards middle of screen but it was still working . Then it starded doing things on it's own, like i was touching it but i didn't. I turned it off but i was curious so i turned it on again not 10 mins after. Now top half of screen wasn't working and bottom was covered in moisture but was responsive. After about a day, moisture almost disappeared, there was only in bottom right angle but screen was still not working only on top half. Then after about day after that (2 days total) i took hair dryer and pointed it to that flat cable for screen. After that whole screen became unresponsive. It's been abot 2,5 weeks since that, and nothing's changed, everything else works fine but touch. Can this be fixed with let's say isopropyl alcohol or i have to change whole digitizer? Thanks in advance

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