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Toyota released the 2002-2006 Camry XV30 series as a larger sedan in September 2001 for the 2002 model year.

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battery light flickers and abs light came on for a short time

I was driving to work and my battery light kept flickering. Then on my way home from work it began to flicker again and my headlights kept going dim then my abs light came on but then all of a sudden both lights went out. My headlights went back to normal then the battery light kept flickering again.

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Hi @mel6589 ,

The car's alternator may be failing (more correctly the regulator within the alternator) or perhaps the fan belt may be slipping or loose causing the car's battery and electrics not to receive the correct amount of voltage.

If you have a DMM (Digital Multimeter) you can use its' Voltmeter function to measure the output of the alternator.

1. With the engine switched OFF, measure the voltage across the car's battery terminals. On a good battery it should read around the 12V DC mark.

2. Ensure that the car is either in Park (automatic transmission) or in Neutral (manual transmission), with the handbrake (emergency brake) applied and then turn the engine ON. Measure the voltage across the car battery terminals. It should be in the range 13.8V - 14.2V DC.

Be careful when you do this as the engine is running

If it is below the low reading then there is a problem with the alternator or belt.

If you don't have a DMM or access to one (do you know anyone who might have one?) then take your car to an auto electrician to have it checked out.

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If you are in the States, take it to your local auto parts store such as Sears. They will check your alternator and car battery for free.


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