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Fixing a stuck power button

Kids must have dropped it at some point and the aluminum button is stuck in the body and can't be pressed. I'm planning to open it up and take a look but wanted to check and see if anyone's been in this situation before.

1) I'm guessing the internal button assembly is OK and I'll just need to remove enough of the internals to pop out the metal outer button with a drift and file it to fit freely. Anyone have any experience?

2) I've read the guide and understand I heat the adhesive to remove the display. When I put the display back on do I need new adhesive, or will the old stuff still be in place and usable? Sorry if it's a silly question, the guides don't usually talk about reassembly.


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Generally speaking, you have to remove the old adhesive, clean off the residue with acetone/IPA and then apply new adhesive if you want the iPad to properly sealed. However, depending on how the screen came off and how damaged the old adhesive is, you could try to put the screen back with the old adhesive. The risk is that the screen won't lay flat or will lift in certain areas. FWIW, I would just order an adhesive kit. Just make sure to test everything before sealing it tight.

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