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Also sold under the GMC Sierra and VIA Vtrux names, available in the US, Canada, Mexico and other countries around the world.

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Won't hold charge overnight!?

So I come out to my truck I have not started it in about 3 days and it won't start I replaced the water pump the alternator and put in a new battery now my truck runs great but only for a day it it doesn't hold the charge overnight I've had to jump it every morning any solutions?

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Use a DMM's (Digital Multimeter) Voltmeter function to test if the battery is being charged at the correct rate.

Start the engine and connect the meter across the battery terminals. You should measure between 13.8V -14.2V DC to keep the battery correctly charged.

if it is not between these values check the alternator (or more correctly the regulator) which is in the alternator. If it is a "new" alternator take it back to where you got it from.

Be careful as the engine is running.


Otherwise, take it to Sears or Autozone after a jump, and they can check your alternator for you for free.


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Hey there Justin it sounds like you have a paracidic draw this video is an excellent guide to understanding what it is and how to find it

This should help

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Not 100% sure, but I have a few things you could check.

1. Have you checked your voltage on your battery connections while running and not running to ensure your alternator is charging?

2. Do you have anything plugged into the cigarette lighters/ power jacks on the inside of the truck over night? Aftermarket stereo installed? Radio unit, amplifier, or subwoofers?

3. Alternator: Brand new or refurbished? Sometimes refurbished units can be bad.

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It's a new alternator, I found that the plug to the alternator wasn't fully plugged in when I was working on It gonna see what that does in the morning hopefully I don't have to boost jump it


Hi Justin,

Don't know your vehicle but is the battery warning light on the dash coming on when you turn on the ignition (before you turn further to start the engine) and then turning off when the engine starts?

Just to make sure that you get the warning if there is a problem.

Also if you do a lot of start/stop engine driving i.e. short trips, it might take a while for the battery to come up to full charge.


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