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Display doesn't come on and it is temperamental

MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Models A1226 and A1260

Bought in 2007, never had a problem with the display ever. On the other hand, the DVD drive does not burn any form of CDs at all while still able to read all kinds of CDs. But this is not the most urgent issue at the moment.


2 days ago when studying i close my macbook to bring it to the restroom with me as i was in a public library. When i come back from the washroom and tried to turn it back on again by opening the macbook the computer won't start although i observe these:

  • the HDD turns on on
  • the indicator light is on (constant and bright)
  • the volume button is still functional (because i am still able to hear the normal *click* of the macbook after a while)

Problem: The LCD does not come on.

I panic and try everything that i know to get it going, this include:

  • Power off (hard power off)
  • turning it back on (when i turn on the power these are the observation: drive started, indicator light turns on, HDD started and after a while i am able to operate the volume button again but still no luck with the LCD)
  • Remove the battery and try to turn it on with power cord only (no luck)
  • try WITH battery and no luck again.
  • Every time i try to turn it on the same observations repeat itself (when i turn on the power these are the observation: drive started, indicator light turns on, HDD started and after a while i am able to operate the volume button again but still no luck with the LCD)

After a while i gave up trying to solve the problem and just put my macbook back in my bag by putting it vertically on its side. After studying for a while and being anxious to the point of no study because of the macbook i tried firing the macbook again.

SURPRISINGLY!! IT WORKS!! everything runs smoothly until today...

The events is the same as well. i was studying (this time at home) and i was hungry so i close the lid of my macbook to put it into sleep stat then i left for a meal.

When i came back from my meal, i tried to turn the macbook back on but the same thing is happening again. i tried the same things that i tried with no luck as before and i looked at iFixit and try to find the solution. One suggestion tells me to try to plug it into an external display. so i went and try to plug it into my TV when i try to fire it up while plugged into my TV there are nothing on the display (this might be because of the default option in the macbook but CMIIW).

Now i am left helpless without my macbook while borrowing my friend's computer.

These are what i want to know:

  • What happen to my macbook?
  • What is wrong with it?
  • What can i do to repair it?
  • What can i do to prevent it?
  • Should i go to an apple store and see what has happen to my macbook?


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Hi Adrian,

i think i have the same problem withe my MPB A1226.

Have you been able to solve the problem ?




This problem was resolved in Apple store, i brought it to the apple store and they diagnosed it with a *factory defective* GPU/logic board. I got a free replacement from them eventhough it was out of warranty since the logic board was recalled before.


Antoun, please start a new question and give us the last three figures of your serial number. If you have read all of this question you would have seen he got a new logic board, we might be able to do the same for you.


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Apple MacBook Pro "Core 2 Duo" 2.2 15" (SR) Specs Identifiers: Mid/Late 2007, 2.4/2.2GHz* - MA895LL - MacBookPro3,1 - A1226 - 2136

At any time did you ever have a problem with scrambled video or scrambled colors?

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It never had any problems with scrambled color or acrambled video.


I don't know if you've got a shot, but it worth a try. Contact Apple and tell them you believe you have the Nvidia GPU issue. Usually you get scrambled video with this but yours may be an advanced case that I haven't seen yet. Apple has a text for this and if they determine that your GPU is indeed bad from the issue they'll replace your logic board and shipping all at no charge to you. Bone up on the issue before contacting them. Do a search on this site for Nvidia, also go to, then contact Apple here:

If this fails, you're out some bucks because you at least have a bad GPU and that means expensive repair or logic board replacement. Let us know your results and we can go from there.


Thank you so much. I'll try to push for the NVIDIA card litigation tommorow when i go to the apple store. tried to call tech support but it said that i need to pay for tech support!! (ridiculous)


Thank God its the GPU problem. if not i'll be splashing money on something i couldn't afford right now.

Thank you so much, Mayer. You really helped me.


I can't believe thet tried to stiff you to pay for support. Did you use the link to the contact numbers I gave you or something else? You will have to have your Book registered to you. You can do that here:


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You cannot plug it into a TV, you have to try it with a monitor. With it turned on, shine a flash light (torch) at an angle to the screen and see if you can see the desktop. Let us know your results and we can proceed.

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I don't have a monitor in my house but tomorrow i will go to one of my friend's house to see whether the graphic card work or not.

The other suggestion that u made is to shine a light at an angle. i've tried that but i couldn't see anything on the LCD which means that the problem is not in the backlight.


That means it's not a bad inverter. Try moving the screen up and down some and see if anything happens.


I tried moving the screen up and down without no luck. and this time there is no luck as well after resting it overnight unlike the first occurrence where i could successfully turn it on after resting ot for a couple of minutes.


Also tried to connect the computer with an external display and it says "No signal detected"

Please help...


Hook up another mac to the monitor to make sure the connection works.

Next - did you ever get scrambled video colors? Please give us the last three letters of your serial number. There is a possibility that this is a Nvidia GPU issue.


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I am not very good at forums and don't see where does Adrian say how he solved his problem.

I don't understand if i have to write to you directly or thru this forum.

Anyway, thank you for your replay.

Last three letters of my serial number are : LNX

serial number : W87386LNX91

before meeting Adrian's problem, i presented my MBP to an official Apple repair center, the problem at that moment did not "show up".

They say that they have run some test that would have given them a code number that would have allow them to do the repair under warranty, if my MBP would come into the extension warranty...

I have read things on Apple web and the extension of warranty is for 4 years, my MBP is 5 years old !

When i have the problem, if i shake it and give some little blows, the problem can go away.

Some other hint : Even when the screen is scrambled, i can always start it in target mode so as to run it from another Mac. The fire wire symbol comes clear at center of the screen !

For the time being it is two days i have no problems !

My hope is that i can hold till a new MBP comes out...

Bear i mind please that i am in Belgium...


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Please start your own question as this one is solved, Apple is still fixing the 2.2 GHz machines despite the four year limit if you talk to them right. I know because I am sending one in this morning.


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Just a couple of days ago I have got the same problem with my macbook pro, i traid every thing like Adrian but nathings seems te help. I realy wana know what is the problem how kan i solve it?

Helppp pleasssss .........

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Please start your own question as this one is solved, Apple is still fixing the 2.2 GHz machines despite the four year limit if you talk to them right. I know because I am sending one in this morning.


Thanks god my problem is fixt, i send my macbook pro from 2007 to icenter in Amsterdam and after a couple of days they called me to come and ged the macbook, they fix it compleatly for free. They put a new logic board as it is wrighten in analyse defect.

Apple call this probleem nvidia issue and they fix this macbook pro problem from 2007 compleatly for free.

Thanks guys ,,,


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Hi Zia,

i don't know how to start a new topic to answer you.

So her is my response.

After a good look at Apple support pages i found that may be re-initializing the " SMC" (don't ask me what is that ...) would be of some help.

here is the french link to do that :

Since i did that My MBP keeps on working without any problem.

Is it the proper fixing or just coincidence ????

I cannot tell since my MBP was some times working and some other times not.

May be it is a lucky stage and will keep on working.

Good luck


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