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This Flip phone was carried by Verizon and made by LG. It runs on CDMA technology with dual band frequency.

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The pins are bent where I put my charger, so I can't charge my phone,

Can the slot where my charger goes be replaced easily? The phone works fine, just can't charge it any longer without removing the battery and charging in another similar phone or battery charger. Not sure if the pin slot can be replaced cheaply and easily to see if the phone is worth keeping. Also, trying to get the pictures off of it and noticed a micro sd card slot on the side. Verizon and Best Buy don't carry a card that will work to transfer the pictures to my pc.

Was told that I would need to find a micro SD Card with a 2gb maximum, is that correct?

Thank you!

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J Mindek that port is not easily replaced. It will require soldering and trying to find a replacement. The pins are not easily soldered due to the size. Yes, a MicroSD card greater than 2GB will also work.

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