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iPhone 8 screen very dim after dropping from around 10 feet

I dropped my iPhone 8 from the staircase, which is close to 10 feet tall.

The screen is completely dim and I cannot see anything on it. I have tried restarting, charging the phone, etc. The sounds still work, such as when I plug it into a charger.

What would be the best way to repair it? Should I bring it to a 3rd party store to see if they can fix it? Could it be that the cable connecting the screen to the motherboard are dislodged?

Also, can I open up the iPhone with an iPhone 6 screen repair kit from

Thanks in advance!

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It is a very new terminal that is in warranty, right? If you bring it to Apple, you will keep the guarantee. But if you are a brave man, let's continue!

From what you say, it looks like the LCD broke. With the iPhone 8 I have had more cases like this one than with the other Apple models.

If the rest of the functions seem to go and itunes detects it, a screen change should be solved. You can order it directly here or take it to a repair shop, I recommend you ask for it in iFixit and change it yourself if you do not have an Apple store or you have no warranty. If you do not use saws or hammers during the repair, you should not have problems.

It is unlikely to be a loose cable, all have plates that secure the connectors so that does not happen.

The only additional tool you will need is a tri-point tip that you can ask to add to the rest of your tools.

Good luck with the repair!

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Thanks for the answer!

Luckily, it was covered by the simple warranty. (I don’t know how)

So I brought it, they fixed it, and now it is working again!

Thanks for replying though!


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