Bricked Motorola X4, Dead Display


I went to replace my Google Fi / Motorola X4's screen/digitizer using a replacement I bought off of Amazon. The procedure went fine, but afterward neither the old, nor the new screen will light up! The process was pretty straightforward, too. No evident physical damage occurred. I moved over the home button / fingerprint scanner, and touching it still makes the little phone vibrator move, so it seems the phone is still alive, but the display is quite dead.

I imagine any of 3 things may have happened:

1) Static electricity damaged the mobo while I was replacing the digitizer.

2) I used a hot plate to loosen the screen's adhesive (per Youtube "instructional" video) that suggested to keep the phone on the heat at 80C for 10 minutes. I used an IR thermometer to verify that the temp was in range. Regardless, maybe heat damaged the phone.

3) Software has bricked the phone to prevent tampering.

If you have any experience with this phone, or have any conjectures about what happened, or you think you can help, then please respond. Thank you!


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For my money it would be the hotplate.

When replacing glass, I use a hairdryer. A heat pack is also common. The hotplate method sounds a little difficult to fine tune. :-)


I do think that maybe 80 C is too hot for consumer electronics. While they try to make them durable, consumer-grade phones are quite cost sensitive, so they very likely include lower-rated ICs. Even industrial ICs have max ambient temperatures of only 105C, and if there were any chips that were rated 85C, or less, I can imagine them easily getting damaged. Whoops.

So I ended up sending back the phone. Unsure if I will get a credit for the brick that I sent back to them. I may not--in which case this was a $450 mistake. However, spending the time on ifixit, rebuilding my other devices, I am still coming out ahead:

2x - iPhone 6 digitizer / screen

1x - iPhone 6 battery

1x - iPhone 6 headphone/charger jack

1x - Macbook Air power supply board

1x - Macbook Air Li-Ion battery

2x - Nexus 5x screen

1x - Nexus 5x battery

As you can see I am a "heavy" user of gadgets. Now if only I could find a way to stop smashing things, I'd be set.

Thanks for your comments, and for this community in general.



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