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How do I remove a defective charging port from a iPod classic board?

Would any one have a link to a video or instructions on how to remove a charing/sync port from an ipod classic motherboard? All the links I am able to find show how to solder a new port back on, but skip over the part where they are removing the defective one. Is it possible to remove the port without damaging it? What kind of a tool is needed to separate the pins from the board?

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Thank you !!! This is exactly what I was looking for. Wish the guy would say what he was doing and temperature his gun was set to. I also liked the next video

This seems so much simpler specially when removing a defective connector.

Appreciate your help very much @oldturkey03 !


@krams it is really not as difficult as it appears. It just needs practice. I suggest you try and get a new connector instead of trying to safe the old one. Anyhow, I do wish you success with your work!


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@krams the connector is soldered to the board. Check this video for more information. Yes it is possible but you need to have the right tools and skills. You'll need plenty of flux, solder wick and a steady hand with good eyesight. Usually one does not care about damaging the connector since the only reason to take it off is to replace it with a new one anyway. I use a hot-air rework station to remove it which habitually melts the connector ;-)

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Thank you. I have seen this video before. Unfortunately around 2:17 mark he skips over the part where he de-solders the port. It is the same on other videos as well. I was hoping to find a link where it actually shows the steps to take the old one out without damaging it.

tarafından different model same idea. That is how I remove mine.


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