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Released in 2013, this multifunction laptop is a part of the Satellite C50 laptop series. It has a 15.6" display screen and comes with Windows 8.

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Only turns on with charger


Couple days ago I put my laptop to charge for later use. I later during that day discovered after tying to turn it on, it will only boot with the charger plugged in. Yes it still turns on with the battery disconnected. I bought a new battery, swapped my old battery and let it charge over night. The battery indicator suggestes the battery is fully charged. As well in the desktop the battery percentage is at 100%. Even so if I disconnect the charger the laptop turns off. Is the ribbon cable between the battery and computer fried?


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Even if a battery is out of a device, power from an outlet will make it work. You might have a power problem, but as long as you have it plugged in, it will stay on.

You can also Go to a service center and replace the charging panel

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Im not following what your trying to tell me.


If you keep it plugged in, it will work. Power comes from the battery, right? Well, if you take the battery out and plug it into a power outlet, the power will not come from the battery, it will come from the outlet. Either way, there is power. So until you can find out what is wrong with the battery, if you plug it into the power outlet in the wall, then the power will seep into the device from the cord rather than the battery. You see, a battery is just something put into devices to power them without having to plug it in. For example, a computer (Not a laptop) needs to be plugged in to work. But a laptop has a battery, so you can just charge the battery if it goes dead. But the power from the outlet is the thing that charges the battery. That being said, you don't necessarily need a battery to get power. As long as you have it plugged into a power source, it should power on.


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If both batteries showed charged, but don't work in the laptop, there may be something wrong with the battery port in the laptop.

Due to the cost of such a repair and lack of parts due to the age of the laptop, I suggest just getting an external battery (power bank) for the laptop.

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