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Change iPod ICON color in iTunes

Recently I had to replace the motherboard in my IPOD classic. The IPOD shell is black and the replacement board came from a silver IPOD. Itunes displays the icon on IPOD summary page next to IPOD name in SILVER color.

Is there a way to change the icon to display in BLACK?

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@krams it is hardcoded to each individual logic board. You could try and reinstall the firmware but ultimately I believe it will still show 'Silver" since this is where the board originated from and that information cannot be changed.

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How do I reinstall the firmware? If this is through the restore process in iTunes, have tried that already and it does not work. Could you please elaborate?

Thank you!


If you tried through iTunes then it is part of the motherboard (written into an IC on the board) and cannot be changed.


I don't think its the firmware. The firmware is all the same. The model number or serial number in the board and that determines the color. Unfortunately you cannot change those 2 fields of information.


@avanteguarde absolutely right. No idea where I was going with that psychobabble. Edited the response to reflect the fact that this cannot be changed. Thanks.


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